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The Women Supporting Women project is dedicated to Women as a tribute to the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. Women are the heart of the Giulia Its Me world: they are creatures as wonderfully imperfect as pearls, and for this reason unique and irreplaceable.

Giulia is the first one who wishes to support Women in every step of their life, from the expression of their most authentic self to the choice of a precious jewel which tells a fragment of their identity.

It was precisely this desire that led Giulia to design the Women Supporting Women ring, a delicate golden band that gently embraces your finger. This ring seals the promise and commitment to enhance the Women in your life, to help them show their own light, to support and accompany them in the challenges of daily life.

Join this positivity trend, express your admiration towards the Women who have made a glowing impact in your life.
And let yourself be filled with the beauty that can bloom from a simple gesture.

It is from the small things
that the greatest changes come to life.


Giulia Its Me world is a precious space just waiting to be explored: discover it and be charmed by its magic.

Your uniqueness, and that of all Women like you, finds its expression in Giulia Its Me; the soft lines of the essential design and the light of gold and precious stones carve into the noble material the priceless value you treasure in your heart.

Giulia Its Me is an expression of a choice of character: jewelry is not just elegant ornaments, but seals which tell your story, and show the world your value, giving shape to your emotions.

All you have to do is jump into this world, discover the Giulia Its Me collections and find the jewelry that best represents who you truly are.
Shine. Be authentic. And inspire others to do the same.

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